ज़िन्दगी की हक़ीक़त ख्वाब से शुरू होती है

The very first 'nazm' I wrote. Hope you can see in it the despair of teenage that I seemed to be full of at the time 🙂

Men’s Day Went By Quietly in India. Where Was All The Love For Sons?

Men's Day Symbol

It was men's day on 19th November. This post is my reflection on how men are given a raw deal by the patriarchal Indian society.

Confession To My Daughter: I Had Wanted A Son

wanted a son

I have a daughter and love her. But it was at her birth that I realized I had wanted a son. Why did I, and how I came to realize this?

Milind Soman & Poonam Pandey: Nudity And Misplaced Gender Equality

Milind Soman

Poonam Pandey and Milind Soman tweeted their nude images from Goa. She got booked for obscenity. Twitter ensured he did too. Was it equality?

Fat Shaming Pulling You Down? Self-Love Is The Only Panacea

fat or thin

Many of us have faced fat shaming at some point in our lives. Some do regularly. Will losing weight be the real answer to the problem?

Speak Up, Bollywood! India Doesn’t Like You Silent


Why do we want Bollywood personalities to speak up about everything these days? Who benefits most from Bollywood talking?

My (Prodigal) Daughter Returns: Wants To Wear Makeup Now

makeup brush lipcolor

My 5-year-old daughter wants to wear makeup. But I was not allowed to when I was her age. What is the right rule for girls wearing makeup?

My Daughter’s Safety Doesn’t Need To Cost Her Freedom

daughter's safety while roaming alone freely

I want to ensure my daughter's safety. But will that have to come at the cost of her freedom and equality? Can I ensure she gets all?